RFP for custom enterprise software

In 2014, the regional governmental planning authority in Portland, Oregon (known as Metro) put out an RFP for phase 1 of a new analytical software tool to help evaluate and select better outcomes for trash disposal and solid waste management across the Portland area.  At the time Metro was trucking a lot of waste from the city to a landfill 135 miles east in the Columbia River Gorge.  Managers were interested in exploring different configurations of their operation that might improve efficiencies by lowering overall costs and carbon emissions.

As Senior Product Manager, I coordinated a cross functional group of business, product, and engineering staff at Sitka Technology Group to analyze the RFP and outline our approach to the problem space.

I created a product vision based on customizing and saving scenarios with different inputs that would allow analysts to easily change data assumptions, run the model, and visually compare outcomes of multiple scenarios, both in terms of cost and data as well as geographic impact on a map-based interface.

Our proposal was successful, and Sitka was awarded the contract to build the tool. Project Oscar was born.