Enterprise land acquisition and management system for Portland Metro

In 2011, Portland Metro, the regional government and planning organization for the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, engaged Sitka Technology Group to propose a custom software system for its green space land acquisiton and management program.  After a "phase 0" discovery phase concluded successfully, phase 1 delivered the initial product, which is called Terramet.

Over the next two years, from 2012-2014, I was the Senior Product Manager for phases 2-3 of the ongoing Terramet project with Portland Metro.  I worked with 1-2 internal engineers and an external stakeholder group of 6-10 using an Agile methodology process on a two week sprint cycle.

Terramet became a major success story for Metro, and today the organization tracks over 500 acquisitions, 180 sites, 470 projects, and 2500+ on-the-ground actions in the product, which has also been turned into an enterprise SaaS tool.

Key project activities:

  • Rearchitected site navigation and added faceted and predictive search
  • Designed map interface to perform location-based searches and analysis
  • Created flexible, self-serve reporting and analysis module for management oversight
  • Wrote and managed stories in two week Agile methodology process
  • Prioritized sprints and owned product roadmap in consultation with project group
  • Performed acceptance testing
  • Created wireframes and user flows
  • Designed and prototyped UI interactions
  • Organized new feature discovery research sessions with field technicians, scientists and managers
  • Led user training and group usability testing
  • Presented case studies of Terramet to prospective new clients