Discovery phase of enterprise custom software engagement

In 2013 a major water resource utility in Portland, Oregon decided they needed a better way to track ongoing vegetation management and tree planting activities across the region.  The company selected Sitka Technology Group for a "Phase 0" discovery process to explore the problem space and outline a proposed approach for building a custom software system.

As the Senior Product Manager leading the initial engagement over the next six months, I collaborated with admin staff, engineers, field technicians and senior managers to explore system needs and functionality.  From day 1 kickoff meeting to final proposed project costing and product roadmap, I helped guide our team toward a successful outcome.  The client selected Sitka to move ahead and begin Phase 1 development of the product.

Key project activities:

  • Conducted group and individual interviewing with team of eight end users
  • Mapped existing data flows, identified system boundaries and recorded physical inventory workflows
  • Analyzed legacy systems for data extraction and integration
  • Ran card sorting exercise with entire project team to explore system functionality
  • Prototyped UI concepts to drive discussions and product discovery
  • Synthesized findings and presented to project teamn for validation
  • Created product roadmap with six month timeline to begin work on product