Avoiding the dreaded “email slalom” on mobile

When it comes to reading email on mobile (the world’s dominant platform), we’re all like over-amped weekend skiers schussing the blue runs.  All we want to do is go straight down as fast as possible.  Over and over.  What we do NOT want to do is have to decelerate and make a bunch of awkward wide turns all over the slope.  That’s no fun at all.

But that’s what email that has not been formatted correctly for mobile forces us to do.

Better experience for The New Yorker’s Cartoon Caption Contest

In this case study I take a look at how playing the New Yorker cartoon caption contest could be improved to support wider participation and better overall experience.


To begin with the end – here’s my design:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.09.27 PM

We’ve gotta have it | Autocomplete is now expected

In our everyday digital travels, we grow accustomed to certain patterns and interactions.  Best practices evolve quickly.  As soon as there’s a better way to do something, it becomes the norm.  The UX bar is only raised over time – never lowered.

With millions and BILLIONS of consumers now expecting great design and user experience, getting even a small detail wrong can be a problem.

Here’s an example of how a seemingly tiny design issue actually makes a noticeable difference in everyday usability.