If only all digital experiences were this simple.

Plug in, power up, blast off.

Next stop: delight.

The best designed experiences are a lot like this.  They just work.  They do what you want.  Because they know what you want.

You don’t need instructions or expertise to operate them.  And beyond getting the job done, they have a touch of the poet, a pleasing image or unique personality that makes them beautiful, fun, memorable.  Delightful.

In a world of screens, we don’t need more readouts.  We need things that work.  We need questions answered and problems solved.

The better your information and design is, the less there is of it.  With the discipline of mobile comes the need to boil content and interaction down to its essence.  A few words, a click, a sentence.  Enough to go on the head of a pin.

You have enough gas left to drive 10 miles

Your book “Information Architecture” has been delivered [Send feedback]

NOW AVAILABLE: Table for 2 at 7:30 at Via Tribunali [Reserve]

Here’s to a world of digital delight that’s so good, we don’t even know it’s there.

PHOTO: 2015 Delight Conference at Connective DX, Portland.