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Get the answer now – Show the user key info sooner

If a Moore's Law existed for search and analysis tasks, it would be that everything will take half the time it used to the last time you tried it.  Great user experiences surface key info sooner and show users the impact of possible choices faster.

Here are two examples of this trend.

Google's autocomplete can now end run the search for the right web site.  Instead it figures out why you were looking for a web site to begin with - and gives you the information you desire right there in the drop down.  As I type "winthrop wa weather", Google tells me what the temperature is.  And that might be all I was after.

Google autocomplete

Note the potential huge SEO impacts here - no need to ever go to the underlying sites again if Google can serve up the (white label) answer.


In the next one, United makes the task of comparing return flight costs effortless. Remember the bad old days when you first had to select a new date, then click through to see the cost on the next screen?  Gone.  Now the price is popped as you hover over dates.  Brilliant!


Any time you can, reduce the number of steps in a task or show the user more data points to consider in a single viewshed.

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