On May 28, 2016, Google’s Inbox by Gmail turns one year old.  Today I spent some time to take a closer look.  It’s a thing of beauty.

Because email is one of the most used (and therefore important) systems on earth, you could argue the best email solution is therefore the world’s top dog.  With its combination of beautiful UX and massive scale, it’s not a stretch to give Inbox the nod.  It works well on desktop and mobile (via the app).

Inbox brings Google’s luxurious, tactile Material Design to an ultra high frequency touchpoint: the inbox.  It’s an information environment many people already spend a lot of time in.  Inbox is also the thin edge of the AI wedge.  Google already knows a lot about you, and so it’s going to start grouping and suggesting and organizing things.  The lines between messages, events and products become blurry.

One day we’ll all wax nostalgic for the big ugly Gmail grid on desktop.  But not right now.  For today, Inbox is an irresistible master class in design and UX.

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