In many ways, we have gone full circle on technology mania.  In the midst of ever more machines, the unmistakable sign of the human is what now distinguishes good design.

People are making their own typefaces out of hand written letters.  Drawing is highly visible.  The look of touched and worn pages is common.  For UI wire frames and flows, a casual hand drawn look is standard.

If all our creative work is taking place huddled around white boards, why shouldn’t final products also have the look of the hand crafted?  We are attracted to things made by hand and not machine.

Tools like the iPad Pro make it easy to combine and reshape photos, text and other found objects.  Of course, we’re still sharing all this stuff digitally.  But now even digital artifacts can retain a strongly human signature.

I’m not a graphic designer, but the iPad Pro and GoodNotes are proving highly addictive. Here’s how a sign I saw hanging on a wall turned into a Seattle sketch.

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved


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