Your brand is a show.  And it’s always show time.

Like a good show, a well executed brand surprises and entertains the audience. It communicates in new and yet familiar ways. It delights us and provides a steady stream of engaging things to talk about.


The best brands no longer need words to identify themselves. A color, icon, or typeface is enough.

As an example of how to channel your brand through even the smallest of details, pay a visit to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.

Look around town a bit and you’ll discover an elegant new sign on the otherwise blank exterior of the Hay-Patton Rehearsal Center.  It’s easy to miss by day.  But you’ll see it when the lights go down.

Ashland stages are dark for another few weeks, but the show must go on.  And now thanks to this new touch of the artist, there’s a small but lovely OSF micro show every night of the year.

Watch for it.  Right around dusk when the iconic O lights up, the essence of the OSF brand is there.

If you’re in the business of art, everything you show the audience should be a work of art.

And there is never a moment, night or day, when the show is not on for your brand.


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