If you’re a fan of Washington’s Methow Valley, one of the reasons you probably go there is to “get away from it all”. As Seattle and the rest of the planet grows and grows, this beautiful North Cascades drainage along the Methow River, and particularly the upper area around the “town” of Mazama, is like the land that time (or at least the developer’s shovel) forgot.

Partly that’s because it’s a long way from anywhere and hard to get to. But human vision has also played a part keeping the Methow grand. If you’re familiar with over developed western valleys elsewhere, you may be a bit shocked when you see the Methow for the first time and realize what could have been in those other places. Clearly something is different here.

But while this east side valley may be quiet and unbuilt, the local technology is anything but quaint. Businesses are becoming more sophisticated in their online presence. Marketing and tourism are all important to this remote economy, and the way you reach your people is primarily in the virtual realm.  For more and more of us, that means on mobile phones.  And a good mobile experience usually means responsive design.

So it’s primordial mountains above and high tech down low. The North Cascades loom overhead craggy as ever, but down in town you’ve got the latest designs on your phone. A great example of this is the Mazama Store’s new responsive web site, which was built by Twisp/Seattle agency EVRYBDY. The physical store in downtown Mazama IS the Methow Valley to some of us, and any ski, run, or bike nearby involves stopping in for treats and conversation. The essence of the Methow Valley brand is very much tied up with the Mazama Store.

This place.  The Mazama Store.
This place. The Mazama Store.

What does a great responsive web site do? It conveys the essence of your brand on even the smallest piece of screen real estate. A quick glance at the elegant Mazama Store redesign takes you right to the bakery counter – in mind if not body.

Just goes to show – a good responsive site makes sense for even the smallest business. Because when a customer thinks about you and decides to pay a visit, whether in person or online, you want the essence of your brand experience to come through loud and clear.

So go rustic, but wherever you are, think #responsive.

Full screen.
Full screen.
First breakpoint.
First breakpoint.
Next breakpoint.
Next breakpoint.
And on the iPhone - beautiful!
And on the iPhone – beautiful!

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