The sun is out in Galway today. Wait – now it’s not. Now it is. Now it’s not. Now it…

As always, the weather changes several times a minute in Ireland, powered by relentless wind whipping moisture-laden clouds across the sky. The distinctive contrasty look of the west coast – bright green land in sun with black clouds above and the ocean beyond – makes for beautiful photos. If you can steady the camera in the wind.

I swung by Druid where the cast for the upcoming DruidMurphy production has arrived for day 1 of rehearsals.

Reading the signs

The sociology student in me loves signs. Signs carry a lot of interesting unintended information about a society and are a rewarding field of study. They are an ever present and often humorous backdrop to your day when traveling. Some are baffling. Others hilarious. Others touching.

Here’s a few from recent days.

Falls Road March

Traditional Easter day Republican march up the Falls Road to Milltown Cemetery.

Happy Easter from Belfast

14 years after the Good Friday Agreement, Belfast appears to be thriving. It is a small city, but they are doing everything right. The arts receive massive support. The theatre scene in particular is more lively here than in Dublin. There are still lots of empty buildings and houses for rent. But in another 20 years, Belfast should be going – er – full steam ahead. But not for an iceberg.