I’ve been seeing these signs around. I knew that if I had decided to rent a car, they’re the kind of thing I’d glimpse out of the corner of an eye and then a moment later know a fee had been assessed somehow.

Basically the first sign says toll ahead, the next one shows the amounts, and then the final one ever so politely tells you (in English of course) how to find out what just happened.

The thing is, this is not on a highway. It’s just a normal road in Bergen. So if you want to drive down this road, you get charged. Want to drive down it again? You get charged again (but not more than once an hour).

So it’s essentially a usage fee. Of course if you live here, you get an electronic card in your car and it all works seamlessly (including the part where Kroner disappear from your bank account). If you don’t have one of those cards, a camera takes a photo of your license number and then you receive a bill in the mail. Voila.

At NOK 15 (or about $3), the fee is not that much. For example, it is a mere 1/10th the cost of the magical NOK 150 ($30) cheeseburger I see everywhere.

But it adds up. And the fact that they have the capacity to assess a fee like this on any road anywhere in the country is pretty darn impressive.

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