In the last week I have been reading a lot about the Yugoslav wars. The endless corridors of Wikipedia hold enough info to keep us all busy for some time. Almost any person or place name launches a page, which then links to others, and others – and suddenly it’s 1 AM. The story is fascinating. And it seems it could all have been avoided.

1995 BBC documentary.

I am in the middle of watching the BBC documentary “The Death of Yugoslavia”, and it is riveting. Because the film was made so close to the conflict, almost all major players are interviewed on camera. The interviews were done before all the war crime trials, and people speak quite openly.

For coverage of the war, but also the series of events in the late 80’s leading up to war, and specifically Milosevic’s ruthless climb to power, this documentary is a must see. It’s about five hours long in six parts.

You can find it here.

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