Great news yesterday via a profile in Irish Theatre Magazine. Gary Mitchell, one of the most exciting and important playwrights in Northern Ireland, is back in the mix after being chased out of his house in 2005 by Loyalist thugs. Mitchell’s plays were all new to me when I cam to Dublin this year, and they remain some of the best I have read. In fact, as I was packing yesterday in preparation for six weeks on the road in Europe, among the very few books to make the cut to come along were Mitchell’s plays.

Gary Mitchell is a completely new voice for most Irish Americans as he writes from the Loyalist perspective. Many of his plays deal with infighting and conflicting loyalties within the Unionist camp. I urge anyone interested in Irish theatre to seek out his stuff. You won’t be disappointed!

Meanwhile, the profile is very enjoyable reading.

Gary Mitchell is busy writing.

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