County Donegal. Remote, wild, and windy.

Located on the Northwest corner of Ireland, County Donegal is likely the most remote part of the country. By dint of geography and politics (the border of Northern Ireland almost pinches it off from the rest of the Republic), it has always been a bit hard to get there. Today there is no train access.

Abandoned train tracks.

The landscape is completely bare around the corner of the ocean front. It’s bleak. One of the roadside displays says that population actually increased here in famine times, because people could fish. Looking round the place today, making a living looks to be about as hard as it ever was.

On the edge of the island.
One day, the inhabitants packed up and left forever. Emigration is soaring once again in Ireland.
Next stop - Greenland. The wild and wooly North Atlantic rolls out from Donegal.

One comment

  1. Say hello to Donegal for us. We stayed there a few years ago and loved it. So quiet and remote and loved walking the beaches there. Have a great time.

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