One of this weekend’s events commemorating the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Derry was a dramatic rendering of the Saville Report, in particular the details surrounding the death of 17 year old Gerald Donaghey. The audience was completely rapt as evidence was sifted, scripts were read, and holes in the official version of events were suggested. Theatre as community justice.

From the programme:

The Saville Report and Gerald Donaghey – Unfinished Business

Using the medium of drama this event will examine the conclusions of the Saville Report in respect of Gerald Donaghey. The report was quite unequivocal in finding that there was no justification whatsoever for his murder. However the report came to no firm conclusions on the controversial issue of whether nail bombs had been planted on his body after he was shot. This hour long event will present civilian, British Army and RUC evidence as heard at the Tribunal and examine why this question was not resolved. This remains unfinished business not only for the Donaghey family but for the wider community.

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